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Free Download XenForo Addons Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE) 1.3.3

Discussion in 'PUBLIC RESOURCE' started by edo, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. edo

    edo Moderator

    Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE)
    by Cédric CLAERHOUT

    Addon Presentation

    This Addon will allow you to check if the browser is Internet Explorer or is on a mobile device.

    XenForo has its own function to check if the browser is on a mobile device or not but its coding is not finished yet. This addon will add some detection features thanks to the following script "Php-mobile-detect".

    This addon will also check if the browser is our beloved Internet Explorer and which is version (very useful for theme developers)


    1) Upload the files in your forum directory
    2) Import the addon xml file

    Read me or get killed
    • If some addon requires this addon to be install, you just need to install it, that's all. No need to do anything else
    • To check how to use the new conditionals (available in templates and php using the XenForo visitor object), please read the Faq
    Download Here

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