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Free Download XenForo Other DownloadsII -> XenForo Resource Manager Importer 1.0.0

Discussion in 'PUBLIC RESOURCE' started by edo, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. edo

    edo Moderator

    This addon was created in a collaborative effort between @Sadik B, @sadiq6210 and myself. It will import all categories and downloads (including linked files) from DownloadsII into XenForo Resource Manager resources.

    As DownloadsII allows comments without ratings, unique comments per download will imported, however they will be imported with a bogus rating of 4 stars. The bogus rating is required as the Resource Manager only accepts comments with ratings.

    DownloadsII category and files IDSs will be retained and the XenForo Resource Manager must contain no entries prior to the import.

    Limited support will be provided for this addon and it is to be used at your own risk!

    This addon requires the following
    • Convert Threads to Resources addon to be installed
    • XenForo Resource Manager addon to be installed
    • Valid vBulletin import archive log.
    • A forum to temporarily create threads (temporary threads will be deleted automatically
    Before running this conversion, backup your site completely and perform a test import first! This means everything in the file system and your database.

    If the import fails, you will need to restore your entire site (database and filesystem).

    To run the importer, go to
    Tools -> Import External Data and DownloadsII Importer
    The importer requires the following parameters:
    Archive Log: Name of the archive log that was created during the vBulletin -> xenForo conversion (e.g. archived_import_log)
    Node ID: ID of forum where the threads will be temporarily created
    DownloadsII Attachment Path: Path of where the garage attachments are stored
    MySQL Info: MySQL credentials for the vBulletin database where DownloadsII is installed.

    DO NOT select Retain imported content IDs!

    As this importer is based on the Xenforo importer framework, you will be prompted to save the import log when you complete the import. Do not select this option and click on Complete Import to rebuild all threads and users.

    Once this is complete, rebuild all the Resource Manager categories and resources (Tools -> Rebuild Caches).
    Download Here
  2. JohnnyC

    JohnnyC New Member

    How about a link to Convert Threads to Resources as this won't work without it.


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